From Hell’s angel to Preacher

Death, where is your sting.

Dan’s story

Dan was a biker and joined the Hells Angels’ motorbike gang when he was young. It is generally known that these gangs were hard drinkers, and a life filled with sex and drugs were normal for them. He later started his own motorbike club and became president of it. He lived ‘on the edge’ with wild loose parties over weekends and worked on bikes during the week. He came out of a very destructive family with no father figure to speak of. Growing up, he had to fight for the attention of his father, gave himself over to drinking and battled with a pornography addiction.

The plan

When Dan came to us he was broken and realized he needed God in his life. He had gone through a divorce and lived with his girlfriend Lisa.

We explained what ‘soul ties’ were and continued to break every ungodly soul tie over his life. His addiction to pornography was broken.   He then asked us to help him through his journey to be fully accountable to someone. Every time he gave over to the enemy, he called and we prayed together.

After deep sessions of counselling, and with all sins laid naked in front of the cross, he repented and asked forgiveness for all his sins.  There was great relief and shedding of tears. This was an incredible transformation of a once heartless and reckless man changed by the Power of The Holy Spirit. His heart of rock was transformed into a heat of flesh. With the help of the Holy Spirit and Jesus all hidden lies were exposed and the root cause for sin in his life that had come from the bloodline of his family had been cut off. He was free. Every negative and evil spiritual thing was broken off from his life. Each time Dan had an encounter with Jesus and the Holy Spirit a part of his old life was taken away and he received freedom like never before. Dan became a new creation in Christ.

He married Lilly and together they walked the road of freedom. He became a preacher and later studied as a pastor.

Victorious unto death

His uncontrollably deep love for Christ and his incredible testimony gave him the opportunity to lead many bikers to Christ. Dan passed away a few months ago and Lilly is still radically on fire for Christ.